HD Video Conferencing at Alameda Fire Department

Chief Daren Olson from the City of Alameda Fire Department found it difficult to connect all personnel from their respective stations during on-call hours. With OneScreen, his team is now able to connect in real time and visually share, access, and collaborate on files and applications located on their network.

OneScreen allows Chief Olson to:

  • Effortlessly share meeting agendas and notes
  • Conduct audio and visual meetings with no latency
  • Collaborate on action items on a clear HD screen
"We were particularly awe-struck by the quality of OneScreen’s HD video conferencing capabilities. The unit provides staff members with a practically “in-person” experience and lag time was non-existent. All I can say is “Wow!”

Chief Daren Olson, City of Alameda Fire Department

On-Demand Communication at Cochise College

Hitachi's OneScreen technology brings simple presentation and productivity tools in an all-in-one collaboration solution to Cochise College. Cochise College administration was looking for a platform that provides a easy web access, whiteboarding, computing and high-quality media play in one collaborative system. They found all of that and more in the OneScreen.

Students and colleagues are able to:

  • Gain instant web access on a clear HD screen
  • Play media on a simple whiteboarding interface
  • Use current communication applications to collaborate
"OneScreen is extremely easy to operate because users can use familiar tools. Mondopad utilizes propriety software, which makes it more difficult to learn and employ."

Sue Nielsen, Director of Santa Cruz Center - Cochise College