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What is Otixo

Otixo gives you the ability to manage all of your clouds from one login. From one place, you can access and share files across all of your connected services. You can seamlessly move documents from one service to another, truly maximizing your online storage.

With Otixo’s Spaces feature, you can share files with colleagues no matter where the files are stored. Spaces allows each member of a team or project to keep files in their individual clouds while enabling robust collaboration and file exchange.

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Security with Credeon

Credeon Cloud Data Protection delivers military grade, FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encryption to Otixo users. Using Credeon with Otixo applies Enterprise-level security to your cloud storages by adding the highest level of encryption available to businesses, ensuring that only authorized user can view your files.

Credeon uses client side encryption to protect files in the cloud from accidental exposure, the prying eyes of government entities and other security breaches. Best of all Credeon is free.

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