Credeon SFS Supported Features

Apache Solr

Apache Solr features supported by Credeon SFS are detailed below.

No. Category Feature Supported Description
1.  Schema Various field types Yes  
2.  Copy fields Yes  
3.  Dynamic fields Yes  
4.  Unique keys No Unique key field will be plain
5.  Analyzer Schema analyzer Yes  
6.  Query analyzer Yes  
7.  Custom analyzer Yes Need to validate before using
8.  Tokenizer CharFilter Yes  
9.  Tokenizers Yes  
10.  Custom tokenizer Yes Need to validate before using
11.  Filter N-Gram filter Yes  
12.  Lower case filter Yes  
13.  Pattern replace filter No  
14.  Phonetic filter Yes  
15.  Wildcard filter No  
16.  Stop filter Yes  
17.  Trim filter Yes  
18.  Custom filter Yes Need to validate before using
19.  Indexing Various format Yes  
20.  Solr Cell using Apache Tika Yes  
21.  Data Import Handler Yes  
22.  Searching Relevance Yes  
23.  Default type Yes  
24.  Sort Yes Only with score
25.  Filter query Yes  
26.  Debug option Yes  
27.  Fuzzy search No  
28.  Proximity search No  
29.  Range search No  
30.  Boosting Yes  
31.  Boolean operators Yes  
32.  Grouping No  
33.  Custom parsers Yes Need to validate before using
34.  Facet Query faceting No  
35.  Field-value faceting No  
36.  Range Faceting No  
37.  Pivot Faceting No  
38.  Interval Faceting No  
39.  Highlighting Highlighter Yes  
40.  FastVector Highlighter No  
41.  Postings Highlighter Yes  
42.  Spell Checking No  
43.  Suggester No  
44.  More like this No  
45.  Result pagination Yes  
46.  Result grouping No  
47.  Result clustering No  
48.  Response Writer Various writer Yes  
49.  Solr cloud Yes  
50.  Caching Filter cache Yes  
51.  Query result cache Yes  
52.  Document cache Yes  
53.  Filter cache No  


Elastic Search

Elastic Search features supported by Credeon SFS are detailed below.

No. Category Feature Supported Description
1.  Document APIs Index API Yes  
2.  Get API Yes  
3.  Delete API Yes  
4.  Update API No  
5.  Multi Get API Yes  
6.  Bulk API Yes  
7.  Delete By Query API Yes  
8.  Term Vectors No  
9.  Multi term vectors API No  
10.  Search APIs Search No  
11.  URI Search No  
12.  Request Body Search Yes Except the “Named Queries” and the “Filters and Inner hits”.
13.  Search Template Yes  
14.  Search Shards API Yes  
15.  Aggregations No  
16.  Facets No  
17.  Suggesters No  
18.  Multi Search API Yes  
19.  Count API Yes  
20.  Search Exists API Yes  
21.  Validate API Yes  
22.  Explain API Yes  
23.  Percolator Yes  
24.  More Like This API Yes  
25.  Field stats API No  
26.  Indices APIs  Create Index Yes  
27.  Delete Index Yes  
28.  Get Index Yes  
29.  Indices Exists Yes  
30.  Open / Close Index API Yes  
31.  Put Mapping Yes  
32.  Get Mapping Yes  
33.  Get Field Mapping Yes  
34.  Types Exists Yes  
35.  Delete Mapping Yes  
36.  Index Aliases Yes  
37.  Update Indices Settings Yes  
38.  Get Settings Yes  
39.  Analyze Yes  
40.  Index Templates Yes  
41.  Warmers Yes  
42.  Status Yes  
43.  Indices Stats Yes  
44.  Indices Segments Yes  
45.  Indices Recovery Yes  
46.  Clear Cache Yes  
47.  Flush Yes  
48.  Refresh Yes  
49.  Optimize Yes  
50.  Shadow replica indices Yes  
51.  Query DSL Queries Yes Supported functions: [Match Query], [Multi Match Query], [Bool Query], [Constant Score Query], [Dis Max Query], [Ids Query], [Indices Query], [Match All Query], [Query String Query], [Term Query], [Terms Query], [Minimum Should Match], [Template Query] function.
52.  Filters No  
53.  Mapping Fields Yes  
54.  Types Yes  
55.  Date Format Yes  
56.  Dynamic Mapping Yes  
57.  Config Mappings Yes  
58.  Meta Yes  
59.  Transform Yes  
60.  Analysis Analyzers Yes  
61.  Tokenizers Yes  
62.  Token Filters Yes  
63.  Character Filters Yes  
64.  ICU Analysis Plugin Yes