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It is said that the legal industry is one of the most conservative industries with regard to change! It is not a surprise then that the legal industry has been slow to adopt the cloud. According to Legaltech news, this kind of mentality is shifting gradually. However, currently Legaltech finds that the majority of legal IT departments and legal technology vendors still express hesitance and resistance to cloud adoption. So why all the hesitation? Let’s explore this further and how improved cloud technology can make it easier to implement in even the most conservative law firms.

Probably the biggest reason the legal industry has delayed the adoption of the cloud is the perception that it cannot offer the privacy required by the nature of industry. But, some law firms may not know that they are already using cloud technology to communicate both internally and with outside attorneys and clients. Michael Kemps at Legaltech news explains that “hosted email, Internet browsing, file sharing solutions and other hosted solutions are all “cloud” providers,” and that most law firms are already using cloud technology. But why is the legal industry, as a whole, seen as “Late Majority” adopters, or even “Laggards?” Well, it’s because the majority of smaller law firms follow the lead of larger firms. As previously mentioned, the larger firms have been slow to adopt new cloud technology. The Herd theory mindset runs deep within the legal industry, and for the most part, small law firms follow and do not take the lead into new technologies.

Fortunately, it is becoming easier to implement cloud technologies within the legal industry that offer the privacy and security desired by the industry. Law firms who are already using cloud storage can easily protect their files using 3rd party encryption. Public cloud storage providers, like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, don’t offer the best file protection available. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that encrypt files before storing them in the cloud convert any public cloud storage into a fortress for legal documents. Using cloud data protection applications, like Credeon Cloud Data Protection, will assure your files are safe as it encrypts files prior to storing them in the cloud and provides a personal encryption key, commonly known as client-side encryption. As an attorney, you no longer need to worry about security breaches at Box or Google or [insert your cloud storage service] because if you use a client-side encryption service like Credeon, only you can access your files even though they are stored in the cloud.

What about a cloud solution that is designed with legal processes in mind? Law firms who are concerned about the security of correspondence services can now utilize SaaS applications, like TitanFile, that understand the need for confidentiality to protect clients’ information as well as the law firms’ privacy. With TitanFile, you can eliminate the need to ask IT for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) links or other cumbersome file transfer methods to get files back and forth to clients and outside counsel. You can organize your files by client, case or matter and simply transfer files to colleagues or clients as easy as you can with email, but with total privacy. TitanFile protects legal correspondence using Credeon technology, protecting all files through encryption before they’re stored in the cloud.

The legal industry is still hesitant to adopt cloud technology and it is understandable. No one law firm wants to be the next headline regarding a major security breach. Client-side encryption and encrypted correspondence technology provide the peace of mind the legal industry seeks when it comes to cloud security. The largest or the smallest law firms can now apply these secure, SaaS cloud applications to protect client and legal professional files.

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