Trusted Key Management Service

Credeon KMS provides trusted, flexible key management solutions that make it easy for you to create and control encryption keys.
By integrating Credeon KMS into your service through the available APIs, your data will be safe and secure.

Encryption Key Management

Provides seamless key management for multiple projects and all of your authorized users.

  • Allows users to manage their own encryption keys
  • Completely eliminates unauthorized access to unencrypted data
  • Uses a patented project-based key management architecture (US Patent #13/944946)

Client-Side Encryption

Creates 100% trusted security solution with zero-knowledge technology. Only authorized users can access encrypted data. Service providers, government organizations or Hitachi Solutions will never have access to encrypted data.

  • Zero-Knowledge Technology
  • Secure Cryptographic Module: AES-256

Browser Based Encryption

Offers client-side encryption without having to download an app or install a plug-in. Every cloud-based interaction within the web browser is completely encrypted.

  • Encrypts data through a Browser
  • Supported on most web browsers and requires no software downloads or plug-ins