Update - June 28, 2016 – StarBoard Solution Inc. operating out of San Diego, California is offering a full line of products under the new independent STARBOARD brand. Visit  http://starboard-solution.com to learn more. Customers can also call 800-615-9855 or email help@starboard-solution.com for sales and support.

Update - March 1, 2016 The transaction between Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. and ShenZhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully completed. To purchase StarBoard products or receive support on existing StarBoard products, please call 800-615-9855 or email help@starboard-solution.com.

Tokyo Japan - December 11th, 2015 – Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., a leading global supplier of Interactive White Boards (“IWB”) sold under the “StarBoard” brand, today announced a change in its business strategy. As of February 1st, 2016, ShenZhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. (“iBoard”) will take over the “StarBoard” business for its global growth. Hitachi Solutions will maintain its focus on providing other various IT software, solutions and service to customers worldwide.