Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS or HSE) managers have a lot of responsibilities to their companies. For example, they must help workers mitigate risks and arrange safety plans. And one of his or her primary goals is to make and keep a business compliant with government and regulatory standards. Many companies still manage some or all of these process on paper. Previous to cloud technology, if you wanted to go digital, businesses would have to invest in IT infrastructure to organize HSE data on servers and computers. But today, with advanced cloud technology that is readily available to any size business, EHS managers can access safety regulations, protocols for preventative measures, and checklists for corrective procedures anywhere from a mobile device. This reduces the amount of time needed to address noncompliant work procedures and lowers the cost needed to print paperwork and support an extensive IT infrastructure. The cloud can be used by EHS Managers looking to reduce paper waste, lower the cost of IT support, and to expedite implementation of corrective and preventative measures in the workplace.