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Countless businesses are learning that it takes a lot of time, effort and a significant part of the budget to manage and store physical paper documents. Once filed, the information on the documents is much harder to access, especially by employees in the field. In regards to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE, EHS or HS&E) management, safety regulations, hazard management protocols, incident reporting requirements and other important information must be readily available to employees as part of an effective HS&E Management System. We live in a time where just about any piece of information one needs is at our fingertips thanks to the cloud and smart devices. Surprisingly many companies do not have the same access to business information. Here are three ways using just one part of the cloud, document storage, improves your HS&E management system.

Time and Money Savings

Cloud document management reduces your dependence on paper-based processes. EHS managers shouldn’t have to print documents and carry manuscripts with them to the field. It not only takes time to print documents, it can be a heavy cost to print large compilations. With cloud document management, EHS managers can quickly access large documents without having to take the printed version to the field. Advanced document management technology allows users to annotate over documents, enhancing communication between field and office workers. Unlike traditional computer data storage, the cloud eliminates the need to purchase and maintain servers on-site. This further saves businesses money on IT costs.  

Faster Incident Response

Many of us already have access to smart phones and tablets at home. Giving employees access to tools and features they are familiar with can help improve communication and efficiency in the workplace. Adding cloud document storage to an existing HSE Management System allows employees to quickly access incident information on any device from any worksite. Cloud storage makes information that was traditionally only viewed on paper at the office readily available to all employees. Quick access to information translates into improved employee communication and faster incident response times.   

Protection of Important Documents

Preventing accidental changes to protocols or user-manuals not only protects the document stored in the cloud, but it can also protect HS&E managers by preventing a mistake in the field. Errors on permits can lead to costly delays. For example, cloud document management system options can prevent accidental document changes with a read-only or no-save document feature, preventing document errors. The cloud protects company HS&E documents whether they are being shared with internal or external groups. HS&E managers can collaborate through shared cloud documents and quickly handoff hazard forms to the correct internal department knowing that the forms cannot be altered in any way. Cloud document storage further improves existing HS&E systems by preventing communication errors over documents.

Those involved in HS&E management understand that the ultimate goal is to monitor and regulate environmental, health and safety plans and procedures to prevent or mitigate the effects of incidents. With cloud-based document storage, HS&E managers can utilize a secure system to manage documents while reducing time and money needed to print and store large documents. Giving all employees access to health and safety information through cloud-based document storage will improve communication between everyone in the company. Adding cloud document storage to an existing HS&E management system is an inexpensive solution for businesses looking to improve accessibility of HS&E documentation while preventing document management errors.

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