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About Hitachi Solutions America

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Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., one of Japan's premier software and professional service companies. The company established U.S. operations in 1991 and maintains headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Irvine, San Diego and New York City.

Hitachi Today

From its humble beginnings, Hitachi has grown into a respected infrastructure solutions company with more than 320,000 employees worldwide. Hitachi's products, services and solutions impact nearly every aspect of modern life. Today, Hitachi is using its diverse range of expertise to drive its Social Innovation Business on a global scale. Using advanced Information Technology, the Hitachi Group is able to provide social infrastructure to the world while continuing to drive innovation that will improve convenience, comfort and safety in people's everyday lives.



Hitachi Group Identity

Since its founding, the Hitachi Group has carefully passed down Hitachi's Mission and Values to future generations of employees. In 2013, Hitachi created a new Vision as a fresh expression of what the Hitachi Group aims to become in the future.

This Vision will enable the Hitachi Group to once again demonstrate its Mission and Values as it rises to the challenge of tackling important social issues on a global scale.

The Hitachi Group Identity articulates the Mission, Values and Vision that are shared by the Hitachi Group worldwide. Bonded by this identity, the Hitachi Group is able to demonstrate outstanding teamwork that transcends boundaries of geographical regions and business fields.